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“Our record of
achievement is based
primarily on our
exceptional success
in managing


Longport Capital:
We have the expertise to help your company prosper

We seek majority ownership equity in firms with long-term potential for market leadership in their field, regardless of the current stage or position of the business.

Creating Value

By providing business managers with expert advice regarding important strategic and operating decisions, we create value.  Our record of achievement is based primarily on our exceptional success in managing fast-growing businesses and in transforming assets into valuable, cash-generating entities. 

Successful Turnarounds

We also have significant experience with turnarounds.  We have transformed underperforming assets and divisions into stable, growing business lines.  We’ve accomplished this by carefully analyzing markets, focusing on cash flow, and creating innovative solutions to difficult business problems.

Maximizing Profitability

Longport Capital, L.L.C. emphasizes free cash flow as the key measure of profitability. 

We generate an increase in free cash flow by focusing on a variety of initiatives.  These include:

  • Increasing sales
  • Leveraging purchasing and distribution
  • Streamlining costs and work flows
  • Creating systems and software
  • Developing management teams
  • Enhancing brands and marketplace image
  • Pursuing and closing strategic acquisitions

To learn how we can help your company increase its value and maximize profitability, we encourage you to contact us.  Please address your inquiries to David Gansky, managing partner.


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